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Vanilla extracts made in Madagascar

Vanilla extracts made in Madagascar

Vanilla extracts made in Madagascar

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For two years ORKIDEX has been developing in ANTANANARIVO around the founding principles:
• marketing and commercial innovation : vanilla extracts for global reach are claimed to be Malagasy, made in a new factory built in Madagascar, at the cutting edge of the most sophisticated technologies. 
• Technology products developed in Madagascar with qualified staff and local technical and capital leadership
• Our technical-commercial presentation includes a systematic reminder of the origin of the extracts 
• We have organized an experienced export network of years thanks to pre-existing partnerships established in all the world vanilla markets.


The main characteristics of our organization:
we  master the standardization of at about ten kinds of extracts + all variations of their dilutions, and we work « to measure » according to the specifications of our extracts

What we have endeavored to guarantee:
  • guarantee of origin
• full traceability, from the plantation to the products we market, including a current blockchain process in progress
• required certifications for our factory and product
• immediate access to all the qualities and quantities of beans that can be used for extraction including : validation, permanent and renewed pre-reservation of lots inside our Malagasy network, in accordance with our "extraction" specifications
• local employment
• exceptional flexibility in the management with security, for our customers, of contracts directly linked to the evolution of vanilla bean prices and our advice based on our forecast
• continuous information to our customers on the local situation of production, stocks and prices and their evolutions
• significantly improved carbon footprint
• possibility of parceled shipments with an optimized weight / value ratio for each shipment 
• effective sharing of value with our short supply chain, means day to day sustainability on the ground.


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